Daily Life with Jessi

Who needs more money?

Daily Life with Jessi

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Who needs more money? Hint: I do.

Daily Life with Jessi

I should probably clarify that my husband works full time (shout out to him – thank you, honey, for everything you do) and makes enough money to support our family. Thank you Jesus. We’re not quite swimming in loads of cash just yet, and finances can get REALLY tight around here sometimes. Really. Tight. Regardless, I am thankful. However, I am obsessed with traveling and need more money than is currently coming into my household to travel to the extent that my little heart desires. Hence, my delivering for Amazon. Ughhhh. Yuck. Sigh. But I’m grateful! And, of course, I still LOVE to shop via Amazon. I mean, hello??? Who doesn’t LOVE shopping with Amazon? 😉

My husband is actually trying really hard to come up with a second, third, or ever fourth source of income so that I can stop delivering for Amazon and pursue my dreams. That is so sweet. I appreciate him and I would like to make that publicly known now, because there are going to be days where I can’t stand the sight of him and I am going to let you know that here as well. #justkeepingitreal

On that side note…

Yeah, there will probably be lots and lots of posts about the ins and outs of our marriage. Some days, it’s a walk in the park on a nice, beautiful, breezy day with clear skies and the amazing sun shining down on us. Other days it’s a trip to hell and back several times, with me wanting to pack my s**t and run for the hills as fast as my two big feet will carry me! Oh, the joys of marriage. But for now, I will focus on the positive. Thanks hon, for working so hard for your family. We love and appreciate you mucho!

Back to the subject of money, or employment…

Did I mention that I have three college degrees? Yeah. How’s that working out for you, Jessica? I’ve been on several job interviews in the past few months and truly thought I was going to be offered every single one of those positions (I did get one, and you can read about that ridiculousness HERE). I mean, I have NEVER had a problem getting a job in my life! WTH?

My only conclusion is that I’m not supposed to get a “job”. I’m extremely entrepreneurial and I’ve had a few businesses in my life. And I have a few business ideas right now. Really good ones. But I’ve been stuck in analysis paralysis for months and have yet to move forward. I should write about that. Actually, I think I have already, Hopefully, I will soon be writing a post about starting a new business and how you can’t let the fear of failure stop you from chasing your dreams! But for now, I will wallow in my “pot of perfection” until I figure out a plan.

Keeping hope alive,

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