Daily Life with Jessi

Let’s Catch Up

Daily Life with Jessi

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This post is a sort of “a few days in one” post because my first couple of posts were written several days ago and I’m wanting to get to where I am writing in the current day. So, here we go. Daily Life with Jessi. Let’s catch up, shall we?

Let’s Catch Up

Daily Life with Jessi

I GOT A JOB!!! It got the position I was looking for, with the title I was looking for, and the salary I was looking for. YAY and thank you Jesus! So grateful and so excited! I can’t wait to tell you all about it!

Well. That lasted a total of four days. Yep, you read that right. Four. Freaking. Days. WTH??? You wouldn’t believe it if I told you. And of course I am going to tell you. The girl that I was replacing in this company decided to stay after working on the transition with me for four days. Wait. What? Who does that? I have been in shock for the last several days. I still can’t believe this happened. Yep. I cried. A lot. I felt like someone sucker punched me right in the chest. Ughhhh.

Why, Why, Why???

I really want to cry out WHY ME?!?!?! I was finally going to be in a position that would put my family in a very financially blessed state. And then it’s gone just about as quick as the opportunity came. All I can do is shake my head. I’m still so baffled.

But, I am a trooper and I fully believe that everything happens for a reason…even if we don’t understand that reason at the time. Looks like that wasn’t the place for me and/or it wasn’t the right timing. Either way, I will be moving on. When one door shuts, a better one opens. If not, go find a window to jump through. 🙂

What Else is Going On?

Let’s catch up. The kids are back in school and sports schedules have picked back up. Football, baseball and volleyball are in full swing. So, that means I have lots of time on my hands during the day, right? Well, there’s this company call Amazon. Have you heard of them? 🙂 I just happen to deliver for them in an effort to help pay bills around here. You know, and eat (and travel). Very few people know that I do this. But what the heck? I’ll put it out there for anyone who’s reading.

I should be thankful for the opportunity to earn an income, yes? Of course. I am. I think about all of the people out there who are much less fortunate, and who are struggling even more than I am, and I count my blessings. However (yes, there is a HOW-EVER), delivering for Amazon makes me want to _______________. I could insert very bad things into that blank. Very. Bad. Things. But, I won’t. I’m a positive person and we are going to keep things chipper around here, regardless of how much I loathe delivering for Amazon! I am thankful, and I am grateful, and I am blessed. But I can say there is one thing that I seem to do more of because of Amazon…drink wine. #bottomsup

Look On the Bright Side

Today is the hubby’s birthday and we are headed out of town for a baseball tournament. That’s two really great things to look forward to, and I’m doing just that! Oh yea, a three day weekend isn’t too shabby either. I hope you have a great, long weekend planned as well. I may, or may not, post anything for the next few days, but I will pick right back up by next Tuesday, at the latest.

Daily Life with Jessi

Until then, let’s all look for the good in today. It’s there. I promise.

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