Find Five Easy Weeknight Dinner Recipes Here

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Who has the time???

Let’s face the facts here. We are all busy these days. Well, most of us anyway. Especially during the week. As a wife and mother of 12 year old twins, it’s challenging to find the time to spend two hours in the kitchen working up a gourmet meal every night. I mean, who wants to do that anyway? I’d rather find quick and easy ways to prepare dinner, and spend the rest of my evening on more productive activities. Like, Netflix. Ha! I mean, spending quality time with the husband and children.

Regardless of what other way you might prefer to spend your evening hours, I have compiled a short list of five easy weeknight dinner recipes that will make you look like a rock star in the kitchen, without having to sacrifice too much of your precious time to do it!


So, what’s for dinner? Five easy weeknight dinner recipes below.

1 – Linguine with shrimp and spinach pesto. Oh, my. So yummy.

easy weeknight dinner recipe shrimp and linguine with spinach pesto sauce

Get the recipe here.


2 – Just a handful of ingredients and one baking sheet pan = dinner is served!

easy weeknight dinner recipe steak potatoes and green beans on a baking sheet pan

Easy recipe details here.


3 – Asian lettuce wraps. This beats take out any day.

easy weeknight dinner recipe asian lettuce wraps with chicken and cabbage slaw

Unwrap this yumminess here.


4 –  Salmon baked in foil. Easy, peasy, with a little lemon squeezy (on top).

easy weeknight dinner recipe healthy salmon with tomatoes, shallots, and lemon baked in foil

Click here for this recipe.


5 – Kale buttermilk chicken Caesar salad. I had to throw a salad in, for good measure.

easy weeknight dinner recipe kale Caesar salad with chicken and homemade croutons

Recipe details here.


Are you hungry yet? I know I am. And did I mention all of these five easy weeknight dinner recipes are fairly healthy as well? I’m sure picked up on that little detail. You can have dinner made quickly, and it won’t put a strain on your waist line. It’s a win-win-win!

So, dinner for next week is planned. You’re welcome. For other great food inspiration, click here.

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