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Do you ever dread when the phone rings?

Daily Life with Jessi

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Do you ever dread when the phone rings and it’s your child’s school calling? You know, because they are usually calling to give you bad news. Is it just me?

Do you ever dread when the phone rings?

Over the years, I have received my share of phone calls delivering not-so-great news about one of my kids. They are good kids, don’t get me wrong. But did I mention they aren’t perfect little angels who fit inside of the cute, little “perfect child box” we would like to put them in? Oh, I didn’t? Well, while our babies are extremely precious to us and really, really good kids overall, they make mistakes every now and then. Hard to believe, right?

It doesn’t help that I am that type of mom that takes every “criticism” of my children directly to heart. I mean, I take it soooooo personally! Add on top of that the fact that one of the twins has dyslexia and ADHD. Yeah. Imagine how many calls and/or emails I have received over the years. I’ve totally lost count.

My question is, why does it affect me so deeply? I know they are my children and their well being is top priority. We want the best for them, of course. But these calls/emails can feel like an arrow shot straight to my heart. Like a quick punch to the gut. Like I’m the worst mom in the world. As with too many other things, I’ve taken this way too seriously/personally.

The phone call…

So, as we are driving out of town Fiday night, my phone rings. It’s the school. It’s not the phone number that shows up when it’s the weekly update voice recording. This is the phone number that means a teacher or principal is on the other end, live, waiting to crush my day (I’m only half way joking. Their intentions are always good. Mostly.). My heart pauses for a few seconds, as I gulp and answer…

As expected, it’s one of the vice principals calling to talk to me about my son. My mind is saying internally, “Just tell me and get it over with. This has already been a week full of tests, and I am fully prepared to cry.”. She had to give him an office referral today. Not the first time I’ve heard those words. Sigh.

What did she say???

But wait. What did she just say? Did I hear her correctly? She repeated that she had to give him a POSITIVE office referral. What??? I’ve never heard of that. Didn’t know they had two versions! Ummmmm, YAY! She said she was so proud of the choice he made in the middle of what could have been a bad situation.

Our kiddos are in 8th grade. Middle school. Enough said. Lord, help us…and them. Things were getting heated between two other boys and a physical fight was brewing. She said my son quickly stepped in and talked one of the boys into making the right choice. He suggested that the other boy think about his decisions and helped him realize fighting wasn’t worth the potential consequences. In essence, my son diffused the situation and no one got into trouble. She was so proud of the example he set. Well, ma’am. So am I!!!

Ahhhhhh, YES!

So, I still cried as I thought I would. But it was tears of joy. Receiving THOSE types of calls really make my day. Maybe our kids listen to us after all? Of course they do. And a big shout out and thank you to all the teachers and administrators out there who love what they do and take the time out of their days to make the GOOD phone calls (in addition to the OTHER one too). I’m enjoying this moment. 🙂

Carry on,

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